Wobbly Cameraman Is the Best Thing to Happen in the NHL This Season

He risked it all to get off the ice. A true pro's pro.

Move over, Positive Sign Girl, there's a new champion of the hockey people.

This rogue camera dude went unnecessarily HAM during a TV timeout in the third period of Thursday's Bruins-Islanders game. As he was switching positions from the end boards to the penalty box, the awkward man clipped Mathew Barzal and almost sent both himself and the Isles rookie sensation for a tumble.

Apparently recognizing he had some time to make up after his little collision, the camera operator risked everything he loves and sacrificed his face while diving head first into the sin bin before brushing himself off and resuming his rightful position without skipping a beat.

Jeopardizing his body for a paycheck and the love of entertainment… that's the sign of a true pro.