KFC Japan Debuts Low-Odor Fried Chicken You Can Eat on Public Transit

Spare your fellow passengers the stench of fried chicken with "Fried Chicken Home Type."
Photo via Twitter

Folks, have you ever fantasized about eating fried chicken on a crowded train? It’s quite a risk. That smell of spicy breading and white meat… it carries. Take that gamble, and you’ll probably piss off all passengers sitting in your vicinity, or, worse, make them horrifically jealous they don't have any fried chicken of their own.

Well, KFC Japan has a solution. For the remainder of December, you can spare your fellow riders the pungent perfume of fried chicken with “Fried Chicken Home Type.”

A temporary KFC location that’s popped up in the Shinjuku subway station in Tokyo for the month of December is selling two pieces of this low-odor fried chicken for a grand total of ¥500, the equivalent of just about $4.44. Its crown jewel of the menu, as Sora News 24 reported on Monday, is a rare fried chicken variety that's practically odorless to your surrounding travelers. When you take the chicken home and pop it into a microwave, though, its smell blossoms.

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This odor-locking is reportedly a result of the “cooking method,” though KFC did not respond to immediate request for comment from MUNCHIES regarding what that cooking method entails, nor why it decided to debut this chicken on this sole menu in a subway station. This location’s proximity to public transit implies that the chicken is meant to be something of an antidote to the ill that plagues so many riders: having to smell someone else's fried chicken on public transit.

If you’re one of the people who loves the odor of fried chicken, I’m, uh, terribly sad to report that KFC Japan is no longer giving away fried chicken-scented bath bombs. Sorry.