Watch These Newfoundlanders Save a Moose Trapped in Snow

So far, 2018 has been a great year for animal rescues.
January 3, 2018, 5:41pm

In yet another spectacle of Canadians saving animals in troubling situations, a group of snowmobilers in Newfoundland freed a moose stuck in neck-deep snow.

“En route to one of our riding zones we came across this poor moose stuck up to his neck in a bog hole!” Sledcore, a very metal-sounding snowmobile group, posted on Facebook along with a video. “A little digging and some coaxing, he was on his way!”


The moose was found while the snowmobiles were riding near Gros Morne National Park on Saturday. While on their ride, they spotted a moose’s head peeking out from the snow.

"You could tell he was frantically trying to get out of the hole that he had himself in," Jonathan Anstey, co-owner of Sledcore, told CBC News. Though Antsey’s said his group felt prepared to handle the moose situation, he recommended calling the provincial government's wildlife division should you find a moose in a similar distressing scenario.

"It's an up to 1,000-pound animal and they can do quite some damage," he said. "But considering his back legs were down in the mud hole, we knew he couldn't get out quickly and bust out to trample us."

In another recent Canadian animal rescue, about 100 volunteers in Nova Scotia saved a whale that was beached near Halifax on New Year’s Day.

“Wildlife have a very hard time making it through Newfoundland’s hard winters, please give them space and the respect they deserve!” Sledcore said in a later Facebook post about the moose.

Tbh, that’s some pretty universal advice: We could all probably use some space and respect while trying to get through this winter.