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A Woman Is Suing Because Her 'Complete' 007 Box Set Wasn't Fully Complete

A federal judge ruled last week that the suit will go to trial.
The movie poster from Never Say Never Again, one of the movies left out in the box set

A federal judge will allow a lawsuit from a Washington state woman who claims that the complete set of James Bond movies she bought online wasn't, like, actually fully complete, Variety reports.

Back in February of last year, Mary Johnson went on Amazon to buy a $106 box set that was said to contain "all" the James Bond movies—even the ones you should probably try to forget. Unfortunately, the box set was missing the 1967 spoof Casino Royale and that 80s Sean Connery curio Never Say Never Again.


While both those movies are not considered canonical Bond since they weren't made by Eon Productions, they still feature spies based on Ian Fleming's character—and Johnson apparently felt like they deserved to be included.

Johnson filed a lawsuit against MGM and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment in April, claiming that the pair violated the Washington Consumer Protection Act, which protects against "unfair and deceptive practices," like allegedly saying a box set has the entire Bond franchise but doesn't include episodes of James Bond, Jr. or whatever.

MGM and 20th Century Fox say that the suit is superfluous and that using the word "all" was just a little marketing "puffery," and asked the court to throw out the case. But Johnson's lawyers fired back. "No reasonable person, unless a James Bond expert, would understand that 'all' does not mean all, and 'every' means only certain films," they wrote.

Last Thursday, Federal Judge Ricardo S. Martinez ruled that the lawsuit will continue.

"A jury must determine whether a reasonable person would expect Casino Royale and Never Say Never Again to be included in a complete set of James Bond films… From the Defendants' perspective, this claim will have to Die Another Day," Martinez wrote, throwing in a pun that Johnson would definitely get since the Brosnan films were included in her set.