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Hear "Hard to Say Goodbye," Another New Track from Washed Out

It's the second new song from his upcoming album 'Mister Mellow,' due June 30.

Today, chillwave proponent Ernest Greene, better known as Washed Out, has shared a second new song from his upcoming record Mister Mellow, which will drop on June 30. "Hard to Say Goodbye" follows the precedent set by "Get Lost" the first new song Washed Out released this year, in that it's a bit of a departure from the soothing, floating music we've previously heard from the project. But that's no bad thing! "Hard to Say Goodbye" begins sounding like what can only be described as elevator music, only to morph into a bright, sunny thing that sounds like Daft Punk if they went on vacation to somewhere with a beach and deck chairs and sipped on cocktails with umbrellas in them. Which is to say, it's obviously great.


Listen below:

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