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Here's Paramore With a Balmy Cover of Drake's "Passionfruit"

The 'More Life' cut was their cover of choice for BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge series.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Much has been made (largely by me) of the shiny new pop sound being showcased by Paramore on their new album After Laughter. The synth-heavy record is a far-cry from the emo credentials that initially made the band famous, but the departure is one that follows logically, considering Paramore's progression as a band over their previous four records.

It also means that Drake's "Passionfruit" is now a cover which makes total sense for them, its summery beat resembling some of the brighter tracks on After Laughter. The band performed the cover as part of BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge (they also brought single "Hard Times" with them), and it sees Hayley Williams, über-evocative vocalist, adding a fragility to Drake's lyrics that only she could bring. Without many structural changes to they track, they manage to mold what started life as smooth R&B into irresistible pop that you'll be reaching for on your next walk in the sun. Watch above.

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(Image via YouTube)