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Man Wins $870,000 Settlement After Surgeon Removes Wrong Ball

What is the price of one healthy testicle? Almost $1 million, apparently.
Photo via Flickr user Anonymous

A man in Pennsylvania has successfully sued a urologist who accidentally removed his healthy testicle during surgery, CBS Pittsburgh reports.

The 54-year-old guy, Steven Haines, had apparently been suffering chronic ball pain for around 15 years before he decided to something about it. He consulted with a urologist named Dr. V. Spencer Long back in 2013, and Long agreed to dip into Haines's sack and slice out the offending nut.

But Long must have gotten a little lost while he was down there, because he wound up surgically removing Haines's totally normal, totally healthy, totally chill left testicle—leaving the painful right one still rattling around on its own.

Haines was unsurprisingly pretty pissed that he was out a ball and still in pain. He filed a lawsuit against Long, and, this week a jury awarded him almost a million dollars for the testicular trouble.

According to Haines's lawyer, the right nut is still a source of pain, but he has "debilitating fear" of going back under the knife after Long's error. CBS reports that the jury called Long "recklessly indifferent" to Haines's scrote struggle. They ordered him to fork over $620,000 for pain and suffering and another $25,000 for punitive damages.

What is the price of one healthy ball? $870,000, apparently.