Listen to The Cowboys Do Some Ramshackle Piano Doo-Wop

The Indiana band tinkle the ivories on new track "Mike's Dust".
June 14, 2017, 12:36am

When we last caught up with the Cowboys, the Indiana band had just dropped their self-titled compilation of hooky and hot wired rock 'n' roll. It left an impression. So it's good to hear that the band are back with a new release on one of our favourite labels Hozac, and it's even better to hear "Mike's Dust" one of the tracks from the album.

With tinkling piano and elements of doo-wop the track has a breezy/'sitting in a kiddie pool with a beer' feel. "We called it "Mike's Dust" because "Dust of Michelangelo" seemed too dignified or something," explains the band's Keith Harman. "We almost abandoned it but eventually figured out how to execute it once we put the piano on there."

Keith also explains that the album was recorded to a four-track cassette recorder as a reaction to their studio recorded mini album Volume 4. While nobody is going to confuse that with a Fleetwood Mac record, the new record bites into more of no frills loose charm.

'The Cowboys' is out on Hozac Records late summer 2017.