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Can Cher's Broadway Musical Ever Be as Good as Her 'West Side Story' Medley?

Please get ready for the greatest twelve minutes of your life.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Today, the Hollywood Reporter has news that actually feels like a long time coming: there's a Broadway musical in the works about the life and times of our blessed mother, Cher. She announced the project via her favoured medium of Twitter (where else?) early this morning in full caps-locked and emoji-fuelled glory. You can see that here.

For now though, here's the important info:

  • It'll be directed by Jason Moore, whose Broadway credits include Avenue Q (the one where all the puppets fuck each other and do swear words).
  • The songs, rather obviously, will be taken from Cher's extensive and impressive back catalogue.


Of course, this is not Cher's first time at the musical theater rodeo, and though I remain more excited for her musical than I am for probably anything else happening in the next year, I would be surprised if it tops the following video of her doing a one-woman medley of songs from West Side Story where she plays literally every single character:

You've pressed play, right?

Okay, so:

Have you ever seen anything more encapsulating of the pure essence of Cher than the woman herself acting out a condensed version of an entire musical, with multiple versions of her onscreen?

Cher harmonizing on "Tonight" with three other Chers in full costume?

Cher doing the same choreography loads of times for maximum effect? Cher stoically announcing that she'll be playing all the parts?

Cher not quite being able to keep her signature roar in check even when in character?

Cher singing a love song to herself?

What I am trying to say is this: as much as we await the Cher musical with great excitement, she has a very high, West SIde Story-shaped bar to meet.

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