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Foo Fighters Rock the Old Folks’ Home with Surprise New Single, “Run”

The song and the Dave Grohl-directed video are a brilliant return to form for the esteemed rockers.

Foo Fighters have returned this morning with a new single, "Run," their first since 2015. It comes with a Dave Grohl-directed video that sees the band dressed up as bearded retirees, causing a riot at an old folks' home. And it rules.

"Run" is a proper return to form for the band. It fills its five minutes with every Foo Fighters highlight from pretty guitars and yearning lyrics to barefaced, gargantuan riffs and arena rock melodies. Grohl gets through every part of his vocal range: whispers, howls, rasping screams. The video recalls the brilliant absurdity of the band's heyday too, with the band dressed up as seniors, their song starting a mass brawl at a retirement home that leads to their freedom and a whole lot of vaping.

Watch the video at the top of the page.

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