Looking at Fascist Fashion and Environmental Violence in 'Dishonored'

Plus Austin has just a quick thing about mechs, it'll just take a second.
March 7, 2019, 10:32pm
Dishonored 2

Last week we were reminded of Troop-Cop, who was so troubled by protestors calling police fascists that he had no choice but to club the shit out of them, all in the service of a tacky clothing brand. It dovetailed well with an interesting graphic essay from Nate Powell on paramilitary aesthetics and their increasing popularity among reactionaries in the United States. Then, Danielle's been digging into the latest issue of Heterotopias, where she encountered an essay from María Bonete Escoto on the "slow violence" of environmental destruction portrayed in the Dishonored series. Patrick was delighted by the second episode of Netfllix's Losers series, while Austin has an inside line on some illicit Gundum action.

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