Jerry Seinfeld Does Nothing in Vampire Weekend's Seasick New Video

The "Sunflower" clip is a New York love letter, directed by Jonah Hill and featuring cameos from Steve Lacy and the iconic Jewish gourmet Zabar's.
Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 10

Vampire Weekend's "Sunflower" is the most colorful and kaleidoscopic of the four singles they're released from their forthcoming album Father of the Bride, so it's only fitting that for the video, released today, they went the exact opposite direction. The clip, directed by Jonah Hill, is a tribute to New York City in all its drollness, featuring a straight-faced Ezra Koenig around a handful of the city's staples—the Jewish gourmet Zabar's, as well as an uptown deli, and a grimacing Jerry Seinfeld. That's right, the big comedy man himself shows up to stare into the camera and make kinda pained facial expressions and not really do much else. The camera twists all around and the shots split and everything looks nice. It's great!


Steve Lacy, who's featured on the song, also trails Koenig throughout the clip. It's a modest setup all considered, but it was still apparently enough to disrupt the pre-dinner rush at Zabar's last month. Watch the video below, it might give you a chuckle as you continue to anxiously wait for Father of the Bride, out May 3.