We Take Lore Reasons Live in Our PAX East 2019 Edition of Waypoint Radio

We changed costumes, fell in love with a fusion jazz band, and crowned a new Keyblade Master. You know, your average panel.
April 1, 2019, 5:24pm
Photo by Brad Lynch

Join Austin, Natalie, Patrick, Rob, Cado, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and one of several time traveling incarnations of some guy named Xehanort for an in-person edition of Waypoint Radio! In addition to talking about the games they played at PAX East, everyone who participated in our Kingdom Hearts season of Lore Reasons will be subjected to a live Mark of Mastery exam, forced to reckon with the way-too-many hours they’ve spent trying to understand the mythology driving Square Enix’s mashup series. There is absolutely no way this can go wrong.

Discussed: Struggling, Falcon Age, Night Shift, Warsaw, Divinity: Fallen Heroes, Phantom Brigade

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And, as a bonus for those who couldn't attend, you can watch an archive of the event right here:

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