Watch This 14-Year-Old Girl Fight Off 3 Armed Robbers With a Machete

It wasn’t the first time they’d been robbed so she “already had it in mind that if something happened, I’d get the machete and get them.”
Girl with Machete
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A group of thieves in Colombia ran for their lives after a 14-year-old girl pulled out a machete and fought them off.

Grainy video footage of the incident in Bogota starts out ominously. Two men wearing motorcycle helmets enter a small family convenience store, followed by a third who attempts to pull down the rolling metal door behind them, in an attempt to lock themselves inside with a mother, daughter, and a toddler behind the cash register.


When one of the men approaches the side door of the small kiosk where the women are sitting, and opens the latch, the mother and daughter spring into action.

The mother rushes head-on into the attacker, as her 14-year-old daughter picks up a machete, and begins chopping at the armed robbers. The men quickly retreat as the teenager unleashes a flurry of slices, avoiding hitting her mother, and with tactical precision aimed at various parts of their bodies, in an act of swordsmanship that would make the Bride from Kill Bill proud.

In an interview later with a local media outlet, the anonymous girl explained that it “wasn’t the first, nor the second time that this happened, so I already had it in mind that if something happened, I’d get the machete and get them.”

Three-quarters of business owners surveyed by the Bogota Chamber of Commerce about security perceptions said that that insecurity had gotten worse in 2020 for them.

A 14-year-old keeping a machete next to her behind the counter of a convenience store is only further proof that that perception is correct.

Various angles of the failed robbery show the girl wielding the machete with fearless abandon, as the three criminals backed away from the scene. The family was aided in repelling the attack by their small, fluffy white dog, who also immediately ran towards the men barking. Outside, the mother said that they heard a gunshot and were both worried that the other had been shot. But the small trickle of blood coming from the mother’s head was from the battle to get the thieves out of the store.

The daughter said that she’d heard them shouting “let’s go, let’s go, we can’t do it here!” The men escaped from the scene and it's unclear how much damage they received from the machete-wielding teenager.

Regardless, they now know what’s waiting for them if they come back.