Monthly Horoscope: Capricorn, March 2021

Welcome to Pisces season, dear Capricorn!
March 1, 2021, 7:20pm
Pisces and Aries
Robin Eisenberg

The sun in Pisces illuminates the communication sector of your chart, finding you tapping into your intuition. People perceive you as being very logical, dear Capricorn (and you are!), but you also have a strong connection to your inner voice, and Pisces season finds you strengthening that link.

Pisces season also finds you busy connecting with your neighborhood and your siblings, if you have them. Because the sun is illuminating the sector of your chart that rules the mind, this is also a great time for meditation, journaling, and generally communicating! Venus is in Pisces at the start of this month, bringing sweet messages your way, and some unexpected thrills may arrive as it connects with wildcard Uranus in Taurus on March 3. 


Communication planet Mercury meets lucky Jupiter in Aquarius on March 4, which could bring good news about money—but watch out for exaggerations as Jupiter can tend to over-do things. Also on this day, action planet Mars enters Gemini, helping you tackle your to-do list. If you’re looking for a new gig, Mars helps by revving up the sector of your chart that rules your day job—which also rules your daily routine, making this is a great time to kick a bad habit.

The sun meets Neptune in Pisces on March 10, marking a spiritual renewal! Give your mind a rest, Capricorn: Step back from screens and connect with your tarot cards, your journal, or your bed! A fresh start begins in your communications with the new moon in Pisces on March 13, which is sure to be an especially romantic and poetic time as Venus also meets dreamy Neptune on this day. Mercury also enters Pisces on March 15, helping communication along even further. If you’re seeking information or need to say something, this is a powerful time to do take a leap. The sun and Venus connect with Pluto, which is currently in your sign, on March 16 and March 18 respectively, finding you sharing and/or receiving insider information.

Aries season begins with the equinox on March 20, finding the sun lighting up the home and family sector of your chart. Unexpected news arrives on March 21 as Mercury connects with Uranus, and you’re beautifying your home and personal spaces as Venus enters Aries (which also bods well for getting along with family!). Also on March 21, Mars connects with your ruling planet Saturn, currently in Aquarius, creating a solid energy for growing wealth and security. Just watch out out for impatience and argumentativeness as Mercury clashes with Mars on March 23.

An important realization concerning what’s important to you at home and in your personal life arrives on March 26 as the sun meets Venus, and there’s a full moon in Libra on March 28, bringing an important climax to your career and life in public. A big project may be released, or some recognition or reward may come your way! Emotionally, you may find yourself processing heavy feelings about life, legacy, and history, and you may be letting go of old visions you once had for your future. On a day-to-day level, this full moon in the sign of balance asks you to strike a better work-life balance between your personal and public lives.

Watch out for hazy communications on March 29 as Mercury meets the planet of fantasy and delusion, Neptune—it’s a lovely time to write poetry, but not so much for drawing up contracts. A more grounding energy flows as Venus and the sun connect with Saturn on March 30 and March 31 respectively, helping you hammer out expectations and agreements concerning money and security. 

Good luck this month, Capricorn, and see you in April!