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This Pringles Can From Japan Is Taller Than Kim Kardashian

A snack fit for a whole day of binge-watching.
November 16, 2020, 10:20am
Collage: Matt Selvam, VICE / IMAGES: Frazer Harrison, Getty Images / AFP;  PR TIMES; PIXABAY

From a 6,000-calorie giant gummy bear to a donut bigger than your face, people seem to keep finding wild ways to spice up junk food classics. The latest: a can of Pringles that is as tall as a person.

In time for Pringles Day on Nov. 11, Pringles Japan announced that they released a can that stands 1.61 meters. The photo shows the enclosed stack of chips beside YouTuber and comedian Fuwu-chan, a Pringles Japan endorser who is also 1.61 meters tall. For comparison, Kim Kardashian is reportedly 1.59 meters tall.

A standard Pringles can is 30 centimeters tall and contains 100 pieces of chips. That means there could be over 500 in this giant can. That would probably be enough for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and possibly a midnight snack. There is no word yet on whether the can will be widely distributed or sold in stores but it looks like it would be a hit with couch potatoes. 

The tweet also said that 11 people can win a giant Pringles can via lottery that is as tall as they are. Netizens were seemingly amused with this, with tons of people replying to the thread to join the giveaway with information on their height, why they love the chips, and a hashtag that translates to “#LifesizePringles.”

Making giant-sized food is a popular internet trend, especially on YouTube. For example, YouTuber bongizzlez dedicates many of his videos to creating large food like giant s’mores and a giant ice cream sandwich.