Brad Pitt Finally Got an Acting Oscar, Still Doesn't Have a Girlfriend

The three-time nominee finally got his gold statuette for his acting work, but as he reminds us, he's still painfully single.
Alex Zaragoza
Brooklyn, US
Brad Pitt Finally Got an Acting Oscar, Still Doesn't Have a Girlfriend

Brad Pitt is single. He also just won his very first acting Oscar.

The Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood actor has been nominated three times for his acting work—first in 1996 for his supporting role in 12 Monkeys, again in 2009 for his lead acting work in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and this year for his work in the Quentin Tarantino film. While he won in 2014 for producing 12 Years a Slave, tonight he breaks his dry spell in the acting categories.

Pitt has been cleaning up this award season, while also reminding the fans that he doesn't have a girlfriend. When accepting the SAG Award for supporting actor for best performance by a male actor in a supporting role, he casually mentioned his singledom, saying "I got to add this to my Tinder profile." That's the same award show where he was caught gazing upon his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston during her acceptance speech, and also clinging onto her wrist backstage, sending the internet into a tizzy of a possible rekindling. We get it, pal. You're a hot, lonely loser.

While he kept his personal life out of his Oscars acceptance speech (but he did get political), he looked down upon his co-star Leonardo DiCaprio and said, "Leo, I'll ride on your coattails any day man." If those coattails happen to lead him to a yacht full of 24-year old models, he probably won't mind.