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The Brooklinen Sale Will Swaddle You in the Best Bedding for Summer

We’re 480 thread counts to the wind with these deals on linen sheets, perfectly weighted summer quilts, and bedding bundles.
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Stupid-hot deals on all of our favorite stuff.

Happy Birthday, Brooklinen! In the whatever years since you’ve launched, you’ve reminded us to “finally get news sheets and pillows” with those high-vibe, targeted Instagram ads. We tip our beanies to you! What started as a humble New Yahk company now makes some of the choicest luxury hotel sheet dupes out there at the best [stolen confetti horn] prices; What began as a small, heartfelt operation is now one of the best summertime sheet slingers out there. We are just TICKLED to share in a slice of your proverbial B-Day cake: a 20-percent-off Brooklinen sitewide sale (with a garnish of 25 percent off bedding bundles!). 


In the world of navigating bed linens and sleep life shiz, Brooklinen just makes dealing with the specs—be it thread count, sateen finishes, or seasonal bedding—feel less overwhelming. Lest we should forget: This is a couple-founded company (meet Rich and Vicki—big white wine cul-de-sac couple energy; obsessed) and, thusly, a bedding company built off of all the concerns couples (or just people who sweat next to each other often) may have. Like, How does one make sheets with that luminous effect? How does one keep this linen operation small-batch? How does one stop from toe-clawing holes at the end of the fitted sheet? 

You wouldn’t blindly shop for skincare or clothing, and think of bedding in the same way. A few hawt tips? Linen is a magical fabric, and certainly the best one for warm-weather months. In addition to being breathable and naturally cool, it’s “durable, anti-bacterial, and easy to wash,” according to the Bedding Gods, and why wouldn’t you go for bed sheets that basically wash your face while you sleep? 

How to Optimize the Hell Out of a Power Nap

While everything is on sale at Brooklinen right now (just smash the code BDAY at checkout), we’ve spun a wee shortlist for the best deals on their bedding bundles, linen staples, and best-selling sheets. We spend decades of our lives asleep, which basically makes our beds a living coffin, which means we’re overdue to zhuzh them up. 


Their best-selling set

white sheet.jpeg

Photo: Brooklinen

This is how they hook you: with a three-piece set that does away with that kick-it-straight-to-the-end-of-the-bed flat sheet and instead goes with a streamlined combo of one fitted 480-thread-count sheet, and two pillowcases, all as a gateway drug to the world of “buttery-smooth weave” dreams. This is, of course, their best-selling Luxe Sateen, and in layman’s terms: SO. SOFT. 

Luxe Starter Sheet Set, $100 $80 at Brooklinen

The summertime linen sheet

Linen Fitted Sheet.jpeg

Photo: Brooklinen

A single fitted sheet is also a great place to start. This linen one has inspired over 2,000 reviews, with most praising the softness, coolness, and desirably thin feel. In the words of sister wife Kara G., “Not too light, but not too heavy. Very comfortable!” Don’t be surprised if you wake up transported to Diane Lane’s breezy Italian villa in Under the Tuscan Sun. Linen will forever be a passport for your pores to sun-kissed and sea breezy feels. 

Linen Fitted Sheet, $109 $87.20 at Brooklinen

You are a human ice tray

Waffle Robe.jpeg

Photo: Brooklinen

Ode to the Summertime Waffle Robe: You know which drips to catch. You dry oh, so fast. You take up little space on that single Target door hook where all our tote bags have gone to die. You do the most for us, effortlessly. Now you do it in Brooklinen’s Turkish cotton. 

Waffle Robe, $98 $78.40 at Brooklinen

You only sleep with one blanket during the warm months

Linen Quilt

Photo: Brooklinen

This is it. The linen quilt that lives in the back of your mind, that you didn’t know exactly where to find in analog form; Yes, it looks as if it came from an oak hutch in some vaguely European countryside estate where you’re taking your sabbatical in 30 years, feeding the barn donkeys by day (the rabbits of the equine world) and penning your memoirs at night. It carries the perfect amount of weight (and projected personal metaphor) for you to sleep tranquilly during hot months. 


Linen Quilt, $279 $223.20 at Brooklinen 

An actually squishy down pillow


Photo: Brooklinen

We are in the market for two kinds of pillows right now: that CBD-infused one, and a floppy, squishable pillow to replace the one we’ve tenderized into a pulp with our head over the years. This down pillow comes in three levels of firmness, including one (the least firm one) that actually suits our need to sleep on a pillow that feels like a pita pocket. 

Down Pillow $99 $79.20 at Brooklinen

The sheets that feel like being at a luxury hotel


Photo: Brooklinen

There really is a specific magic to swanky hotel sheets. They make us feel less attached to our everyday reality, and we want that sensation every time we slide into our own sheets for bed. This bundle (which includes one Core Sheet Set, one duvet cover, and two pillowcases) coddles you in 270-thread-count, naturally cooling goodness. Perfect for hot sleepers. Perfect for anyone who wants to go to bed feeling a little richer. 

Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle, $198 $158.40 at Brooklinen

You got a new apartment/moved-in together


Photo: Brooklinen

...or perhaps you’re just ready for a purge! Donate ya sheets to your local thrift shop, then shower your bed with this wumbo bundle including: one Hardcore Bundle, one comforter, two pillows, and a ~complimentary~ thing of Laundress detergent. Hide a Ring Pop in there somewhere, and propose to yourself. 

Classic Move-In Bundle, $425 $340 at Brooklinen

Massage and bon voyage.

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