Monthly Horoscope: Taurus, January 2022

Welcome to Capricorn season, dear Taurus!
Capricorn and Aquarius
Robin Eisenberg

The sun in fellow earth sign Capricorn illuminates the sector of your chart that rules travel and learning, making it an adventurous time of year for you! Exciting new opportunities may be coming your way. You might be eager to go abroad, squarely focused on your studies, or perhaps publishing something or spreading the word about an issue that’s important to you. You can be stepping out of your comfort zone and enjoying some experimentation on January 1 as the sun mingles with wildcard Uranus, which is currently in your sign!


Conversation about your career kick up on January 2 as Mercury enters Aquarius! Again, you’re in an experimental mood, and the ideas you’re sharing may surprise quite a few people. Also on January 2 there’s a new moon in Capricorn, which could find you embarking on a new journey, perhaps literally traveling or simply exploring new ideas, and gaining a new perspective on things. Deep conversations with friends and partners can take place at this time, and you’re in a very philosophical mood! 

Your ruling planet Venus is retrograde in Capricorn for most of this month, which could find you feeling much more intense than usual, especially when it comes to communication. You’re holding your partners to higher standards, intellectually. You have low tolerance for bad takes, know-it-alls, or folks who believe whatever they read, no matter the source. You value partners who are cultured and discerning, and you may connect with some especially inspiring people on January 5 as Venus mingles with Neptune in Pisces. The sun meets Venus retrograde on January 8, marking an important turning point regarding love, money, beauty, and your sense of harmony. 

The sun also mingles with Neptune on January 10, which could find you connecting with your intuition on a deep level, and it inspires creativity and generosity! Intriguing social connections can form at this time—but Mars in Sagittarius squares off with Neptune on January 11, which could bring some confusion to your social life. People may be in a lazy mood! You might feel confused about whether someone is interested in investing in you. Take it slow and don’t rush into commitments at this time…feel things out! 


Mercury retrograde begins in Aquarius on January 14, finding you reconsidering conversations and plans regarding your career or your life in the public sphere. You might run into people you used to work with, or find yourself reminded of an old dream or goal you were once passionate about. Astrologers often advise against traveling, making important purchases, or signing contracts during Mercury retrograde due to miscommunications and delays, but it can be a fine time to revisit a project that’s been left on the back burner.

The sun meets Pluto in Capricorn on January 15, finding you tapping into a deep well of inner power. You can be feeling especially philosophical at this time, and a big idea might inspire you to pursue a new goal.

A conversation reaches an important climax on January 17 thanks to the full moon in Cancer. Information is coming to light! Emotionally, this is a powerful time to get something off your chest. On a mundane level, change in your neighborhood may be taking place. Change is a big theme as Uranus ends its retrograde in your sign, Taurus, on January 18. This may find you embracing change and even coming off as unpredictable! Uranus is all about upgrades and progress, and it’s also the planet of surprise, so keep your plans flexible. You may feel wired at this time, so stay hydrated, eat nourishing food, stretch, and move your body. Carve out time to rest and time to be active!

The sun enters Aquarius on January 19, lighting up the sector of your chart that rules fame and fortune! You may be receiving a reward or recognition at this time, and an important realization concerning your career or reputation can take place as the sun meets Mercury retrograde on January 23. Mars enters Capricorn January 24, which could find you energized to travel, dive into your studies, or expand the reach of a project you’re focused on.

Mercury re-enters Capricorn while on its retrograde journey on January 25, bringing news from abroad or finding you reconnecting with a person or idea. Mercury retrograde meets Pluto on January 28, which could find you digging up information you previously missed. This can be an especially powerful time for research; a philosophical breakthrough or meaningful conversation may take place. Your view on life is transforming is a deep way at this time.

Your ruling planet Venus ends its retrograde on January 29, which makes life feel a little more easygoing. You’ve learned a lot about your values over the last few weeks, and are now ready to move forward with the lessons! The sun squares off with Uranus on January 30, finding you making an interesting turn in your career. You’re likely shrugging off people’s expectations of you in favor of doing your own thing! 

Good luck this month, Taurus, and see you in February!