Everyone is Watching a Live Stream of a Guy Yelling at Planes Landing in a Storm

A British man shouting "easy, easy" as planes attempt to land at Heathrow Airport during Storm Eunice is making for captivating viewing.
Planes are landing in high winds at Heathrow

As Storm Eunice sows chaos across the UK, a YouTube channel livestreaming planes landing at Heathrow has become a viral sensation.

BIG JET TV’s enthusiastic commentator, Jerry Dyers, has been admiring when pilots successfully land their planes despite record wind gusts, interspersed with Alan Partridge impressions. 

“Flippin’ ‘eck,” he shouts over the roar of jet engines. “Go on then, son.” 

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Millions of people have been told to stay home as Storm Eunice is set to be one of the worst storms to hit the UK in decades.

Red warnings have been issued in several areas nationwide. 

Some of the planes are taking several attempts to land successfully – proving to be tense moments for Dyers to comment on. 

At the time of writing, 200,000 people are viewing the stream.

Storm Eunice caused havoc across the United Kingdom on Friday, with winds of over 100mph even tearing off the roof of the O2.

Big Jet TV has been running as a YouTube channel since 2017, accruing over 28 million views. 

Prior to his YouTube channel, Dyers ran a mountainbiking magazine as well as an interior fitting company. 

With so many Brits staying indoors due to Storm Eunice’s red alert, many have been enjoying Dyers’ commentary.

Dyers revealed on air that this was the biggest livestream he’s ever done, and that Reuters were attempting to run his stream too. 

He added whilst streaming that the channel has gained over 20,000 new subscribers. “Jerry is viral. It’s us! It’s you!”