Discord Is the Center of the Crypto World and That’s a Problem

Every blockchain project has a Discord server and the platform’s features make it the perfect habitat for scammers and grifters.
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Discord. The popular chat app was once the humble home of gamers who were tired of paying for Ventrilo and Teamspeak servers. Now, it’s so much more. The crypto people have come and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere.

From the Bored Ape Yacht Club to the next alt-coin with no backing, any project related to the blockchain probably has a space on Discord. But Discord was never built to be a place where people gathered together to manifest complex financial schemes and, because of that, it’s rife with scammers, grifters, and hackers. 


On this episode of Cyber, Motherboard Senior Staff Writer Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai walks us through the perils of using Discord as a financial chat app.

Stories discussed in this episode:

Discord Is the World’s Most Important Financial Messenger, and a Hotbed for Scammers

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