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If Migraines Are Ruining Your Life, This New Platform Can Help

Cove lets you get meds online, chat with specialists, and even find out why some people have headaches when they orgasm.
What Is Cove, the New Migraine Help Platform?
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We avoid the doctor almost as much as we avoid doing our taxes (thank god that these days you can literally do them for free on Cash App) because it can be understandably scary, costly, aaand we can only read so many issues of Powder & Bulk Solids magazine in the waiting room. 


Unfortunately, talking to a doctor is crucial if you suffer from intense headaches and migraines that have only been getting worse in tHese sTraNge aNd uNcerTain tiMes. You may have popped infinity Advil (to no avail), laid in the dark swearing to yourself more times than you can count, and still those cursed migraines return. You're out of ideas, but you really don't want to deal with all the people coughing in the urgent care waiting room, or having to find a specialist and wait weeks for an appointment. And you're not the only one—one in four women experiences migraines in their lifetime. 

But tech is gonna tech, and now it's come to "disrupt" the migraine care industry. Enter Cove, a new online migraine clinic that's ready to hold your hand through the process of kicking your migraine’s ass. 

Cove is a digital platform that wants to be your one-stop shop for migraine diagnosis and treatment, from (mostly) the comfort of your home. “The team truly understands that no two migraine experiences are alike,” explains Dr. Alexander Mauskop, founder of the New York Headache Center, and one of Cove’s medical advisors. “Cove’s doctors are committed to working with each person to find the most effective treatment plan for them, adjusting it as needed, and making it possible for them to not just survive this debilitating condition, but to thrive.” That means that if your migraine is the kind where you wake up feeling like you've been curb-stomped by a Triceratops, you're going to get a different treatment plan than if you get sudden onset splitting headaches every time you have an orgasm (yes, that's a real thing).


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I’ve been through the rigamarole of migraine help when I was a teenager, when I used to experience ocular migraines regularly, and I don't know what I would have done without the privilege of having the guidance of a parent (and their insurance). That’s why platforms such as Cove give me hope—this is 2022, after all, and it’s nice to think that this version of the future isn’t just sending rich dudes to space and giving us Sarah Palin performing “Baby Got Back” in a bear suit. Cove is, for its own part, trying to give us an easy, hyper-specialized avenue for questions about our health. “There's only one specialist per 80,000 migraine sufferers in the U.S.” explains Dr. Sara Crystal, another medical advisor for Cove, “[but] because Cove is so accessible and affordable it improves the quality of life for so many people who otherwise wouldn't get any treatment for their migraines.” 

You’ll be able to browse over 20 research-backed treatment options for free, from anti-nausea medications to preventative medications and more. As soon as you land on the website, you’re guided through a series of questions about what you’re experiencing, and whether you should connect with one of the site's specialists through an online doctor visit. Just “add medications to your plan,” explains Cove, “and after completing your online consultation a licensed doctor will evaluate their fit in your treatment plan.” Once it’s approved, they'll prescribe you and take care of the rest, so all you (hopefully) have to do for some migraine relief is open your mailbox. 


There are also over 1,600 reviews on the site, with almost all (a solid 1,529 of them) giving the service a 5-star rating. “For any migraine sufferer, Dr. Kirsch is an angel of relief,” writes one patient in the reviews section of the platform, “She is very thorough and approachable. I would recommend [them] to anyone who is seeking genuine interest in the battle of migraines.” Another customer writes, “I suffered with migraines my whole life but I didn’t know it! I just thought it’s a normal headache and that’s how it is [...] Cove prescribed me with the correct medication and when I feel it coming on, I get relief in about a half hour.” 

TL; DR: If you suffer from migraines but don’t have a lot of time or money, Cove is worth a browse. The doctors are top-rated, the company’s vibe is empathetic and calming, and you have nothing to lose from taking a peek—except for that headache, of course.  

Learn more about migraine treatment options at Cove.

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