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Help, We're Obsessed With This Expensive Bagel Sweater

The $495 Coach x Zabar's sweater is the marriage of knitwear and Jewish food that we didn't know we needed.

When you think about New York City, you think about bagels. But when you think about New York City bagels, you think about Zabar’s. The Upper West Side delicatessen and grocery store is iconic for its breads, spreads, and smoked fish, as well as its appearances in You’ve Got Mail, Broad City, and Sex and the City, but most of all, it’s known for its bagels. The very sight of its logo can make one’s mouth water at the thought of a stack of lox, schmear, and everything-seasoning-covered dough.


We thought we’d seen it all when it comes to restaurant merch collabs, but then Coach had to fire up their knitting machines and tempt us with this positively mouthwatering mohair and wool sweater emblazoned with imagery of “the legendary food destination and gourmet emporium,” with a graphic that includes a cream-cheese-laden everything bagel. It dropped this week, somehow miraculously hasn’t sold out, and is begging to be added to our carts.

$495 at Coach

$495 at Coach

We know we should spend our tax return on, like, paying our bills or whatever, but we can’t promise that we won’t impulse-buy this sweater tonight after a few negronis. Don’t worry, we’ll punish ourselves by trying to make homemade bagels this weekend, which seems pretty hard but well worth it. TGIF, baby.