Daily Horoscope: June 12, 2022

The moon enters Sagittarius today.

The moon in Scorpio squares off with Saturn in Aquarius at 10:45 AM, urging responsibility and maturity. The moon connects with Neptune in Pisces at 11:01 AM, inspiring a creative atmosphere, and connects with Pluto in Capricorn at 3:34 PM, bringing transformation. The moon opposes Mercury in Taurus at 5:40 PM, which may kick up communication. The moon enters Sagittarius at 6:31 PM, inspiring optimism and generosity. 


All times ET.

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Aries glyph


The moon enters Sagittarius today, illuminating the sector of your chart that rules travel and learning. You could be planning your next trip or focused on your studies at this time. You may be craving a change in your routine!

Taurus glyphs


The moon enters Sagittarius today, which can find you focused on finances, especially themes like debts, taxes, and money you share with others. Intimacy is an important theme today.

Gemini glyph


The moon enters Sagittarius today, illuminating the relationship sector of you chart. A situation that’s been building between you and a partner may soon reach a culmination!

Cancer glyph


The moon enters Sagittarius today, which can find you eager to get reorganized. An important project may be coming to completion. You could be ending an old habit or trying something new in your day to day routine.

Leo glyph


The moon enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius today, illuminating the romance and creativity sector of your chart! Excitement could soon arise in your love life, as may a creative breakthrough.

Virgo glyph


Your focus turns to home and family today as the moon enters Sagittarius. You could be making big changes in your personal life soon. Perhaps you’re moving, donating old things, or simply letting go of the past!

Libra glyph


The moon enters Sagittarius and lights up the communication sector of your chart today. Information could soon be revealed, or you may be sharing big news.

Scorpio glyph


The moon enters Sagittarius today, illuminating the sector of your chart that rules themes like wealth and security. You may be making important decisions about how you budget your resources, share things with others, or manage your wealth.

Sagittarius glyph


The moon enters your sign today, Sagittarius, and you may find yourself feeling especially emotional! Make time for self care and self expression. Get clear on your needs.

Capricorn glyph


The moon enters Sagittarius today, encouraging you to slow down and rest. Prioritize relaxation and catch up on quality time with yourself. Let your mind wander. This can also be a lovely time to explore your spirituality.

Aquarius glyphs


The moon enters Sagittarius today, illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your social life! A climax may be taking place in a situation concerning your friend group.

Pisces glyph


Your focus turns to your career as the moon enters Sagittarius! Rewards or recognition could be coming your way, and you may be completing an important project at this time. You’re reflecting deeply on what you want your legacy to be.