'Scary but Brilliant': Mildly Threatening Pink Cloud Above Town Is Actually From a Weed Farm

Did we break the sunset? 
Arielle Richards
Melbourne, AU
​The mysterious pink glow, see near Koorlong, Vic by Kelly Follett​​
The mysterious pink glow, seen near Koorlong, Vic by Kelly Follett

On Wednesday night, Mildura residents were puzzled by a mysterious swathe of pink, ultraviolet light emanating across a cloudy sky. Seemingly ejected from an unknown location, residents took to Twitter to ponder its source. 

“Any reports of this scary but brilliant sky over Mildura tonight?” asked one user.

"Portal to the time-space continuum …" said another.

Pictures from the dusk phenomena hint at something alien, biblical or otherwise supernatural origin. 


Did we break the sunset? 

Is it a sign from Sky Daddy? (finally!!!!)

End Times???? 

No. It was the grow lights from a weed farm.

The truth is, as always, funnier than fiction. 

The source of the mildly threatening phenomena was a medicinal cannabis facility owned by the Cann Group, based in an undisclosed location in Mildura.

Cann Group CEO Peter Crock told the ABC On Thursday that the violent pink glow was just the LED lights turned all the way up.

"As you might know, cannabis grows on an extended day length,” he said. “The flowering zone is 12 hours light and 12 hours dark, which is normally 7a.m. to 7p.m.," 

"With the new zone coming into use in the next day or two, we have had the lights on. Normally, the blackout blinds close at the same time as the sun sets, but last night we had the lights on and the blinds hadn't yet closed, so there was a period where it created a glow.

"At 7p.m. when we put the plants to sleep, the lights went off."

The LED lights operate on a different wavelength to regular lights, which is the reason behind the pink glow. One Twitter user summed up the ordeal perfectly:

“#Mildura and surrounds were treated to a spectacular sight tonight when a red light appeared in the sky.

Was it aliens?

An aurora?

No, it appears to have been the hydroponic lights from a medicinal cannabis farm reflecting off cloud which is somehow the most Mildura answer ever.”


​The mysterious pink glow, seen near Koorlong, Vic by Kelly Follett​​

​The mysterious pink glow, seen near Koorlong, Vic by Kelly Follett​​

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