Cheaper Next-Gen Xbox Will Cost $300, Launch November 10

If you don't care about 4K and are fine without a disc drive, the Series S looks great.
A photo of the Xbox Series S.
Image courtesy of Microsoft

There are, in theory, next-generation consoles coming from Microsoft and Sony this fall, but until today, we had no idea when they would arrive or how much any of them would cost. 

Microsoft is shipping two flavors of next-generation Xbox this year, and we now know the cheaper version, the Xbox Series S, will cost $300 and launch on November 10. The company made the news official, following a credible report by Windows Central last night.


It's cheaper because the Series S does not come with a disc drive, so every game you play on this device will happen by downloading it from the Internet. It's also not designed for 4K, but given how many people still have 1080p televisions, that's likely to make this box more appealing.

It's still a powerful box, however, and VICE Games has spoken to several developers who vouched for the power of the Series S. Your games will look very pretty.

But there's still a lot of mystery. How much will the more expensive Xbox Series X cost? $500, if you believe the same report that broke the Series X news. When is it out? The same day as the Series X, reportedly. Why didn't Microsoft make that official today? Lord knows.

We know even less about PlayStation 5's price and release date, but given Sony has been prompting fans to get ready for pre-orders, presumably that information is coming soon, too.

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