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Some of the Most Powerful Signs From the George Floyd Protests

Signs that will make you stop, think, and hopefully, move.
(L) Photo by Josh Hild via Unsplash. (R) Photo from @madisonateeter on Twitter.

The death of George Floyd under the hands of a police officer has sparked anger around the world, with people calling for an end to systematic racism and police brutality. In the United States alone, protests have erupted in over 140 cities and the National Guard has been activated in over 20 states. People from Toronto, London, Tokyo, and more also rallied for justice over the weekend.

Picket signs in hand, many made their way to the streets and let their voices be heard through powerful slogans that put on display, truths society needed to see. Below, are some of the most memorable ones that will make you stop, think and, hopefully, move.


This young protester in Atlanta posed next to her powerful sign to say that Black Lives Matter.

This woman used humour to get her point across. The signs reference the popular Karen meme, a trending joke about entitled white women.

A woman calling on Asians to support the Black community.

Mike Von via Unsplash

Photo by Mike Von from Unsplash.

“Tu lucha es mi lucha.” Your fight is my fight, in Spanish, emphasising the importance of unity regardless of race.

A person from the Latinx community advocating for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Young Black Americans ask, “Am I Next?”

This protest sign used Sailor Moon's iconic line: “In the name of the moon, you will be punished!” Fuck 12 is slang, currently trending on Twitter, that means "Fuck the Police."

Here's a protester in Vancouver shaming the Canadian police, a wake-up call that racism is not just an American problem.

This 66-year-old can't believe racism is still a problem in 2020.

“I can’t breathe” echoes Floyd’s pleas in his final moments.

Josh Hild on Unsplash

Photo by Josh Hild from Unsplash.

Who said children couldn’t speak up? This brave child is telling the whole world that his life matters.

Spiderman posing with other modern heroes.

Clay Banks via Unsplash

Photo by Clay Banks from Unsplash.

A touching picture showing unity between a police officer and a protester who were both fighting against racism.

This person really said “ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards) Especially Your Uncle!” with hearts and sparkles all over.

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