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The Bay Rays Video For “Aphelion” is Inspired By All the Best Anti-Heroes

Everything from 'Drive' to William Eggleston's photography has found its way into their new video.

There's a certain, almost beautiful but destructive, breed of longing that comes from wanting something that's just out of reach. And it's that sound that finds itself at the core of the new single from Kent three-piece The Bay Rays.

Having previously released the tracks "Four Walls" and "NEW HOME", "Aphelion" is the first taste from the band's upcoming EP Satisfaction and is one that firmly cements them as one of Britain's most up and coming bands. The video for the track is beautiful too, as though it's slid out from the backstreets of Hollywood.

"We've been fascinated by the antihero, Drive by Nicolas Winding Refn to Badlands by Terrence Malik to Hunter S Thompson and photography work by William Eggleston", the band's frontman Harry says. "The narrative of the song is about a sense of longing and injustice in a world that doesn't seem fair, a character who is an outcast to society, but wont stop trying to improve his situation and not go quietly."

Watch below: