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Tower Wants You to Join the Party or Run For Your Lives

Stream the sweaty, sizzling new album from NYC's latest heavy metal sensation.

​The street-fightin' 80s babies in Tower may be the latest heavy metal sensation to hit Brooklyn, but the assorted howlers, shredders, and vibe techs behind their throwback thunder are far from green. The four of them have been knocking around the gritty corners of NYC's heavy music scene for years, but only recently have they come together as one, armed with that age-old mission: to FUCKIN' PARTY.


Tower's take on heavy metal is firmly rooted in the 80s and late 70s, from the hard-charging riffs, fiery licks, and unstoppable grooves to the peppy drums and vocalist Sarabeth Linden​'s earthy yowl. Generously fringed jackets, tiger-striped jumpsuits, bellbottoms, cut-off leather, and heart-shaped glasses round out the aesthetic, and their sweaty, devoted appreciation of the classic works of Judas Priest and Led Zeppelin seals the deal. The gratuitous use of cowbell is just one extra sweet cherry on top—and if you have a chance to see them play live, do it.

The band sent Noisey a snappy little statement to accompany our exclusive (yeah, baby!) premiere of their debut album below. "This record is the result of us being fed up with the mediocrity of today's art and life in general, rolling up our sleeves and knocking you over the head when you least expect it. We're trying to bring back the melody, quality, and true grit which has been sorely missing from heavy metal lately.  Join the party or run for your lives!​"

You heard 'em. Tower comes out October 28 via The End Records. Preorders​ are live now, and you can stream every big, beautiful riff right here.

Tower just might be rocking and rolling through your burgh, soon, too—check the dates below to see if you need to start dusting off those dancin' shoes.

Nov 01 - Cleveland, OH; Now That's Class
Nov 02 - Detroit, MI; El Club
Nov 03 - Athens, OH; Union Bar & Grill
Nov 04 - Chicago, IL; Reggie's
Nov 06 - Kansas City, MO; The Blind Tiger
Nov 08 - St. Louis, MO; Cusomano's Bar
Nov 10 - Providence, RI; Tommy's Place
Nov 11 - Philadelphia, PA; Ortliebs
Nov 12 - Richmond, VA; Axtell Street​

Photo by Eddie Malluk
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