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Dearly Beloved's "I Tried to Leave" Video Will Send Your Happy Halloween to Hell

Whitby, Ontario is definitely the scariest place in Canada.

Toronto hard rockers Dearly Beloved just dropped their album  Admission​​this past weekend and there's now a new video for the the first single "I Tried to Leave." The Charlie Manson-inspired vid features an average dude waking up to what looks like the most horrific frat party of all time, blood-filled red Solo cups and all. Crazier still is that the clip was apparently filmed in an actual haunted house in Whitby, Ontario. You never know what horrors the smaller towns around Toronto can hold.


"We shot some stills in L.A. for the album in the fountain in which the Manson Family washed their hands following the Tate murders, so filming our first video in a haunted house seemed pretty on theme for the overall concept," says Dearly Beloved co-lead vocalist Rob Higgins. Watch the "I Tried to Leave" video below.

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