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Prince Allegedly OD'd on Percocet the Week Before His Death

TMZ reports that the pop star's emergency jet landing last week might have been due to a Percocet overdose.
Image by Michael Ochs Archives / Stringer via Getty Images

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As speculations swirl surrounding Prince's untimely death Thursday at 57, TMZ has reported that the pop star was hospitalized for a drug overdose just last week.

Six days before his death, reports surfaced that Prince's private jet had to make an emergency landing in Moline, Illinois, following a concert in Atlanta on April 15. He left just three hours after being admitted to the hospital, providing fans a collective sigh of relief.

Although reps from the musician's entourage initially said Prince had been battling the flu, TMZ is now reporting he may have been treated for a Percocet overdose. According to sources close to the late icon, Prince had allegedly ingested the drug before his Atlanta concert, taking so much that EMT respondents had to administer a "save shot" to reverse the opiate's effects.

TMZ had also taken photos of Prince a week before his death visiting his local pharmacy. Sure, that could just mean he was out of paper towels or toothpaste, but the website speculates that he could have been refilling prescriptions for hip issues.

Prince's autopsy is scheduled for Friday, which could shed more light on how the beloved icon died.

UPDATE 4/22/16: An earlier version of this article included a photoshopped image of Prince that many found to be in poor taste given the circumstances. We agree and have removed it.