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Rapture Are Part of the Second Coming of UK Straight Edge Hardcore

The young West Yorkshire band have just started but are already making an impact with one of the strongest demos of 2016.

​Leeds is not the first place that comes to mind at the mention of straight edge hardcore punk. But over the last few years the northern UK city has produced Regiment, True Vision and Shrapnel, some of the stronger acts in a resurgent scene that some have half jokingly referred to as the New Wave of British Hardcore NWOBHC.

The latest band from Leeds is Rapture​who blows hinges off all-ages venue doors with their powerful take on posi hardcore.


Led by vocalist Mia Raby, the four-piece deliver a tough US East Coast straight edge punk ala Wide Awake and Turning Point that is filtered through a newer sound that bring to mind  US bands as Krimewatch and Ringer.

Their new four-song demo, appropriately titled Demo '16, is set to be released on Quality Control HQ​, one of the best punk labels labels operating out of the UK who have released material by Violent Reaction, No Tolerance and Crown Court.

After the requisite 50-second intro they launch into "Guilty", a track that explores the power in speaking for yourself and then "Fazed" which sounds like something that could come off an early INSTED record.

The closing  "No Leeway", which I first took to be a dig on the classic crossover thrash band​ from Astoria New York, is actually about taking a stand with lyrics, "Things are moving forward , This isn't one mans world,  Fix up, get your act together , Respect has to be earned ."

Mastered by Tom Pimlott, who is known for his involvement in some of the UK's finest hardcore bands including  Violent Reaction, Arms Reach and The Flex, the tape is one of the best demos of 2016.

'Demo '16' is available from Quality Control HQ.

Catch Rapture Dec 28 in London at New River Studios with Praise, Fury, Insist and True Vision.

​Image: Bandcamp

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