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Frank Ocean Had Already Fallen Out With Def Jam Before ‘Endless’ and 'Blond' Came Out

A source told the Associated Press that the relationship between artist and label was like a “bad marriage.”

The unending subplot of Frank Ocean's Blond release appears to have taken yet another turn. After speculation that Ocean used his visual album, Endless, to fulfill the remainder of his contract with Def Jam and then self-release Blond, The Associated Press are now reporting​ that the artist and label had fallen out before the quick one-two release came about.

The AP's source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, remarked that Ocean "didn't want to be on a label. He wanted to do his own thing." This independence, as many have noted but anyone could have figured out, has been pretty successful for Ocean with the record going straight to number one on the Billboard Charts.


The AP's source says that the relationship between Ocean and Def Jam was like a "bad marriage" and added that "it wasn't going to work out," regardless of how many albums Ocean may have been contracted for.

Amusingly, though not shockingly, the AP also say that Blond's release came as a complete shock to Def Jam. The anonymous source is quoted as saying that the album "was delivered right at the last minute."

Lesser albums may have found themselves swallowed up by such a convoluted subplot. But Frank Ocean just makes us want to be better people.

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