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Listen to a Collaboration Between Future of the Left's Julia Ruzicka and Pixies' Black Francis

"Painter Man Is Coming" is the first listen from Ruzicka's debut solo album, featuring everybody.
September 21, 2016, 9:58am

Ok, so listen. What's happening here is Julia Ruzicka from Future of the Left is putting out a solo album that features everybody. And I mean, like, everybody. Each track is a specific collaboration with someone she's met along her decade and a half career in music (hence the project's name 'This Becomes Us'). For example, The Wytches' Kristian Bell, Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster's Guy McKnight and Pixies' Black Francis, which is both a dope list of creative forces and an enviable list of friends. Ruzicka wrote the whole thing on bass before bringing in Ian Wilson from Art Brut and Jack Eggleston, also from Future of the Left, to fill in on guitar and drums.


We're premiering "Painter Man Is Coming" featuring Black Francis below , and you can tell how closely the pair worked together because it lands in the perfect centre of a Venn diagram where the only two circles are Future of the Left and Pixies. Which is to say: good at merging several grating noises into melodic brilliance, with a bass line that will require months of scrubbing and bleach to remove from your brain.

You can find a full tracklist after the jump.


  • The Picture of Delorean Gray (feat. Damien Sayell of The St. Pierre Snake Invasion)
  • Undervalue Love (feat. Guy McKnight formerly of The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster)
  • Big Hitter (feat. Billy Mason Wood of Blacklisters)
  • Painter Man Is Coming (feat. Black Francis of Pixies)
  • At The End of Everyday (feat. Kristian Bell of The Wytches)
  • Simple Too (feat. Rosie Arnold) 
  • A Gift Nobody Wants (feat. Michael J Sheehy)
  • Songs In My Mind (feat. Chantal Lewis Brown of Vodun)
  • Sassessa (feat. Vinod Bhairo)
  • This Horse Needs Peace (Instrumental)