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Hurry Up and Check Out Hurry's Video for "Casual Feelings"

It's gonna make you want to do cool stunts with your friends.

​Allright, check this out. Hurry are three great dudes from Philadelphia who play even better rock. "Philadelphia?" you say to yourself. "Why do I know that city?" Well, bud, it's because Philadelphia is also the home of Modern Baseball, Beach Slang, Hop Along, Cayetana, The Menzingers, Sheer Mag, Mannequin Pussy, Vektor, JANK, and so many more Very Good bands that it's tempting to say only Philadelphia makes good bands (but, we won't say that, because that's not true and we don't print lies). The point is, you might guess Hurry is good because Philadelphia only makes good bands, and you would be right.​


Hurry play poppy, catchy power-rock that's cathartic, but also makes you want to dance. But don't take my word for it! A good example of how stellar Hurry is can be seen in their video for "Casual Feelings," which incorporates some grade-A phone-style cinematography and which we are truly blessed to be premiering today. Watch as Matt Scottoline, Joe DeCarolis, and Rob DeCarolis goof around and do some Michael-Bay-move grade stunts, all while playing their instruments. It's wild!

You can preorder the album this song is on here​, if you like digital copies, and here​, if you like physical ones. Or throw caution to the wind and get both. Rules don't matter!

Tour Dates:
10/14 - Chicago, IL - Subterranean
10/15 - Cleveland, OH - Mahal's 
            w/Slingshot Dakota & Kississippi
10/28 - Philadelphia, PA - PhilaMOCA 
            w/ Eric Slick, Cherry, Cave People (RECORD RELEASE)

​Annalise Domenighini is on Twitter​ trying to find people to do cool stunts with. ​