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Holy Hell, Grimes Just Dropped Four New 'Art Angels' Videos

Do we deserve this? No. But they're here anyway.

Did you forget about Grimes' Art Angels? You'd better not have. It's still one of the best albums to come out last year. Its videos have been as good as its songs, Dark Souls references and allSince then, Grimes has been on tour, but as it turns out, she never stopped making videos. In a note on her Twitter, she says that her and her brother Mac shot seven(!) music videos while touring Europe, all on phones. The resulting videos are definitely lo-fi but take advantage of Claire Boucher's unique sense of style, with centuries-old settings giving enough flavour. Plus, there's a video for "Scream" which has subtitles for Aristophanes' verses, so that's pretty cool. Watch all four Grimes videos below.


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