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January 6, 2009, 8:57pm

Hi everyone. Sorry it's been a little slow around here today. I'm holding things up obsessing over these two girls, Petra Cortright and Neysa Malone, who're opposite sides of the same weirdo maniac dishwater blonde coin. They don't know each other (I don't think, and I'd be very surprised if they did) but in my mind we are all best friends/girlfriends who have sleepovers and do dirty things to one another at them. Or maybe I just do dirty things with each of them, but they don't touch each other. That's better. Threesomes are skanky. We talk though too, and I'm sort of the moderator in this scenario, trying to relate to Petra how Neysa's winsome Eurotrash/New Jerseyness is equally as strange as her own deadpan wilderness and that really their pop dreams and disillusionment are one in the same. I'm aware this is kind of creepy of me, but fuck it. Click below and watch some videos and see if you don't agree with me.

I first saw Neysa about a year ago busking in Union Square singing "Lucky Star" through a karaoke boombox. It was love at first sight. She thinks she's some big pop star but really she's just singing along to a record in her bedroom…only her bedroom is a skeezy dirty subway platform. Total oddball.


I love this one too:


I haven't met Petra. I found her clicking through some linky wormhole and her site really weirded me out, which is always a turn-on. I like this video of her brooding in her bedroom. It's the same thing Neysa's doing, only in private and very quietly. Petra really is a pop star.

Here's a couple other favs from Petra.

What a couple of babes.


image compilation by Taco Nuevo