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Dooms Day Metal

Does it make any sense to even try to explain what has gone wrong with Death Metal? I see you scratching your bleached hair going "Huh!? Metal still rawks man!"


This is the arm of a Death Metal fan who the author met when playing live in Russia

Does it make any sense to even try to explain what has gone wrong with Death Metal? I see you scratching your bleached hair going “Huh!? Metal still rawks man!” Well, let me begin; Fuck you all. Fuck you all, and look deep into the face of Satan's Metal! Not the light-headed, sensationalist circus that consist of confused, senseless gunjah-boys with the creative potential of a recent abortion. I’m talking about the bottomless pit of eyeless dogs consuming their own excrement, the labyrinth of catacombs where the stench of death and putrefaction is so thick that you can't breath…Not really something you would connect with your average Death Metal band, n’est pas? No bearded and shaved thugs with tribal tattoos, large pants and drunken Saint Bernard vocals. Death Metal should be the rusty scissors cutting the fake Satan’s horn fingers off. Once and for all, chunky Florida metal with lyrics about how horrible it is that the fishes die because of pollution, or that Bush got re-elected, is not Death Metal. That’s music for people who got stones thrown at them in school (“syntare” in Swedish).


REPUGNANT from Stockholm stay in constant opposition to the grey stream of polished techno metal that is today’s DM scene are. They rise from the tomb of Death Metal like the plague ridden living dead with their debut album Epitome of Darkness. Finally, this genre has gotten the face-sink it needed (courtesy of

Outshitten Cunt Mag

, thanks!). This is nothing but sheer passion for all that is dead and cursed, played with abnormal catchiness and sincerity. The musick, the lyrics (“Urge to fulfil an ever needed thrill/A sinful corpse to obey my will/Copulation with the deceased/Genital bacteria has sure increased/Gluttony unto what remain/Ravage unto feebles grain/Blasphemy, to fuck the dead/Sanity the inner voices said” etc.) and the photos are nothing but brilliant, fundamental examples of how real Death Metal is done with style.

The holy union of OFERMOD is one of Death Metals best-hidden and most powerful phenomena in these days. Based in Sweden, they scared the living shit out of many with both music and deeds around 1998, before founder and spokesman Michayah was incarcerated up until his recent return. And he has no intentions of letting glammy, pacifist ideals be a part of his mission, “…we have gathered around enough cold blooded murderers for a smaller army, and still our cult keeps constantly growing, not only here in Sweden and Europe but all over the world. Also, we are determined to make orthodox black and death metal expand, indeed, to force ourselves out of this trap called the underground. I am tired of having to sell heroin for money, when I just as well could earn my living through my music, and, what is more important, present our evangelium to larger masses of people.” Ofermods debut full-length album



will be released this autumn, and although Michayah wants to live off it in order to reduce his part time work, he still holds his past years as an addict in fond memory, “It is not only educational about the human nature, but also a process that hardens the individual, with all the violence and misery one has to face each and every day. If you want a shortcut to the bliss of your personal paradise, make Smack your mistress, and with every fix this is upon you. It is not madness but logic!” Amen.

For even more Metal, madness, murder and Death, there’s always Dissection’s new album


. Finally it will burst forth like black blisters and buboes upon the face of the music scene! Written during a seven year long stay in prison, the content is almost lethal. I wonder how many normal wimp people will dare to pick up the album, and confess it’s magnificence. Big parts of the metal scene sure won’t. It’s funny, and not a little confusing, to see how a mag like Close Up, Sweden’s “leading” extreme music magazine, can boycott a band like Dissection because of Jon being a Satanist and murderer, and still think they have any credibility whatsoever as a magazine supposed to cover relevant parts of extreme metal. For fucks sake people, are you not embarrassed?! What are you, Christians?