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The VICE Morning Bulletin

Eight out of ten Trump supporters think paying taxes is a civic duty, a judge dismisses a lawsuit over police tactics in Ferguson, the NRA responds to the Kardashian robbery with sarcastic tweets, and more.

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US News

Eight in Ten Trump Supporters Think Paying Taxes Is a Civic Duty, Poll Says
The latest CNN / ORC poll has found that 86 percent of registered voters view paying taxes as their "civic duty." The number was only slightly lower among Trump supporters, at 79 percent. The poll drops in the wake of the New York Times story revealing Trump may have avoided paying federal income taxes for the last 18 years. The CNN / ORC poll also showed Hillary Clinton extending her lead over Trump, 47 percent to 42 percent.—CNN

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit over Police Tactics in Ferguson
A federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit claiming police used excessive force against protestors in Ferguson, Missouri, after Michael Brown was shot and killed by Officer Darren Wilson in 2014. Judge Henry Autry said the lawsuit had failed to present "credible evidence that any of the actions taken by (police) were taken with malice."—NBC News


NY Attorney General Orders Trump Charity to Stop Fundraising
New York's attorney general has slapped a cease and desist order on the Donald J. Trump Foundation, banning it from soliciting donations in New York for failing to have proper authorization. Eric Schneiderman also ordered Trump to provide more documentation related to the foundation's "solicitation and fundraising activity."—VICE

Maryland Man Accused of ISIS-Related Plot
Federal prosecutors say a 24-year-old Maryland man plotting to attack a member of the military on behalf of ISIS has been arrested. Nelash Mohamed Das started to show online support for ISIS before meeting someone he believed to be a fellow supporter who was actually an FBI source, the feds say.—The Baltimore Sun

International News

US Halts Syria Talks with Russia
The US has suspended talks with Russia over the Syrian Civil War, accusing Moscow of reneging on commitments under a ceasefire deal. Russia is accusing the US of shifting the blame for the collapse of last month's truce. On Monday, the main trauma hospital in Aleppo was hit for the third time in a week.—VICE/BBC

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Shot Dead in Egypt
A senior Muslim Brotherhood leader has been killed by Egyptian authorities, the Interior Ministry announced early Tuesday. The government said Mohamed Kamal died with another member of the organization in a gun battle during a police raid of a Cairo apartment. Kamal was allegedly in charge of the group's armed wing, but the Muslim Brotherhood maintains it is a peaceful organization.—Reuters


Ten Countries Host More Than Half the World's Refugees
Fifty-six percent of the world's refugees are holed up in just ten generous countries, according to a new Amnesty International report. The human rights group has accused wealthy countries of leaving poorer nations to foot the majority of the refugee tab for ongoing crises in Syria and elsewhere. Jordan, the top hosting country, has taken in 2.7 million people.—Al Jazeera

Colombia President Tries to Renegotiate Peace Deal
President Juan Manuel Santos's government is pressing on for a lasting peace with FARC rebels. Alvaro Uribe, the opposition leader who led the successful "no" referendum campaign on a previous deal that shocked the world this week, wants some rebels to serve time behind bars and FARC leader Timochenko, for his part, wants to "remain faithful" to what's already been agreed.—The Guardian

Everything Else

NRA Mocks Kardashian Robbery with Sarcastic Tweets
The NRA is under fire for trolling Kim Kardashian (or at least those of her fans who support gun control) after she was robbed at gunpoint. The gun rights lobby tweeted Monday, "It's shocking that these criminals did not subject themselves to Paris' strict #guncontrol laws before committing this awful crime."—Politico

DiCaprio: Climate Change Deniers Should Be Denied Office
Actor Leonardo DiCaprio, holding court at a panel event at the White House with President Obama, said politicians who deny that climate change is real "should not be able to hold public office."—Variety

Connecticut School District Bans Clown Costumes
A public school district in New Haven, Connecticut, has banned clown costumes during this year's Halloween, describing them as "symbols of terror." Local cops are investigating threatening, clown-related Instagram posts.—NBC News

Google May Announce New Andromeda Operating System
Google is expected to announce a new operating system Tuesday. Andromeda, as it's reported to be called, will combine parts of Android and Chrome OS to create a hybrid platform for better performance on a wider variety of devices.—VICE News

Canadian Inuit Elders Fight Against Clean Energy Dam
Inuit leaders in northern Canada are campaigning against an $11 billion "clean" energy project, fearing it will poison their food supply when flooding begins this month. The Muskrat Falls dam is designed to provide electricity to Canada's east coast.—VICE

Mormon Leaders Discuss Homosexual Agenda in Leaked Videos
Anonymous YouTube account "Mormon Leaks" has posted several videos of the Church's "Quorum of the Twelve Apostles" meeting. Leaders are seen discussing their fear of the "homosexual agenda," and how to convert Kurds to Mormonism.—VICE News