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We Got Illustrators to Draw Donald Trump's 'Mr Brexit'

What does 'Mr Brexit' even mean? What does it even MEAN?

Anyone else getting the feeling that Donald Trump's entire Presidential campaign is some massive performance before the prestige, that this whole thing is an illusion just waiting for a reveal, that this is the sinister-feeling heavy middle act of an M. Night Shymalan movie, when you know a twist is coming but you can't see exactly what it is yet? I do. I just feel like when he gets sworn in there's going to be a record scratch, freezeframe, and Donald J. Trump's voice comes through, clear like a bell, saying, "So I bet you're wondering how I ended up here." We are living through an alternate timeline where we are all extras in a teen movie starring Donald fucking Trump.


Anyway, this week he tweeted this:

What does it mean? What does anything Donald Trump say mean. If he wasn't rich, his tweets would have him in the custody of the state by now, but he is, so we're going to make him the most powerful man in the world. Anyway, we got some of VICE's illustrators to try and interpret what Our Future Overlord was saying. Enjoy:


(via Sam Taylor)

"I've drawn Mr Blobby as Mr Brexit doing a little pump because he's about as stupid as Brexit, that's how stupid Brexit is. Mr-Blobby-doing-a-pump stupid. The EU flag is on fire because he's fucked it. He's full of arrows from both sides because every is pissed off at him. The blobby arrows are our economy thanks to Mr Brexit. I guess the little trump coming out of his butt also represents Donald Trump along with the hair because if Donald wants to be Mr Brexit that's fine as long as he knows that this drawing is what he wants to be. Mr Fart-Butt Brexit Blobby."


(via Joe Bish)

"My Mr. Brexit is basically the twisted, blackened soul of the English. Even though Brexit is a Britain-wide event or decision or whatever you want to call it, it is, to me, decidedly English. Arrogant, petulant, callow, but also aggressive, scary, and blinded. It really brought the monster out in a lot of people, who are trying to protect something small and petty, which is represented by the jar of Marmite."


(via Pete Sharp)

"It's Donald Trump's head on a proud and patriotic British bulldog. He's gone n done a big stinkin mess and in true Brexit leadership style is choosing to ignore it."



(via Dan Evans)

"Trump has become more and more like a character from the WWE (world's biggest heel) and whenever I see footage of him at his rallies, Hulk Hogan's entrance song starts up in my head (sample lyric: 'I am a real American, fight for what's right, fight for your life'). Seeing his recent tweet finally gave a name to the character: Mr Brexit, The Real American."

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