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Tripping Out: Mac DeMarco in Dawson City, Yukon

We Went to Dawson City, Yukon with Mac DeMarco For an Intimate Acoustic Concert, We Also Visited A Farm and Drank Human Toe/Whiskey Cocktails

In the first episode of Tripping Out, we take Mac DeMarco to Dawson City, Yukon. If you've never been to Dawson City, picture yourself on the set of an imaginary movie about the Klondike gold rush, flanked by gorgeous scenery and a spectacular river. Everyone is super friendly, they drink their booze with human toes inside the glass, and it's got the same vibe as an adult summer camp. Naturally, Mac fit right in, so watch as he checks out a farm, visits the art school, sucks back a human toe/whiskey cocktail, and plays an amazing acoustic show in one of Dawson's finest venues. Oh and thanks to our friends at Arts & Crafts, Field Trip, and FACTOR, for help making it happen.