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The Mike Duffy Soundboard Is Funnier Than Ever

Before you judge Mike Duffy for his alleged wrongdoings, fire up this old soundboard where Ol' Duff rattles through over 700 different names.

The Mike Duffy soundboard, in all its glory.
Mike Duffy, former CTV journalist and central figure in the Canadian Senate Scandal, got some very bad news today. The RCMP is charging him with 31 counts of fraud, breach of trust, bribery of a judicial officer, and frauds on the Government. He's expected to show up in court on September 16 to plead his case. And his lawyer is, of course, insisting that Ol' Duff is innocent.


Speaking through a spokesperson, Prime Minster Harper has called Duffy's alleged behaviour "disgraceful," while congratulating the RCMP for their investigative work. Adding: "Those who break the rules must suffer the consequences."

But before you judge the man, we thought we'd remind you about this amazing soundboard developed by a creative computer programmer with too much time on his hands, who discovered that Duffy recorded over 700 soundbites of first names so that donors to the Conservative party could receive a personal message in a thank you video.

So, if your name is Ralph, and you donated to the Conservative party, you'd receive a personalized video wherein the Duffster greeted you: "Ralph! Mike Duffy here."

Or if you're a Pierre, you would get a slightly Frenched up hello: "Pierre, salut! It's Mike Duffy, qui parle."

If you're like us, you'll probably go down a rabbithole clicking on different names. Our personal favourites are Delbert, Manfred, and Floyd. Have fun, and keep Mike Duffy in your thoughts.