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Watch Scarlett Johansson play a Japanese Cyborg in the Trailer for Ghost in the Shell

And they say there are no good roles for white women.

The worst thing about American Thanksgiving is that for two days every November it feels like half the internet grinds to a halt. Well, luckily for you Canadians celebrate the holiday in October like decent people so here we are, fulfilling our solemn duty to keep the content churning! This week's trailers are a true cornucopia of flavours, we're talking a serving of Obama, a side of white people playing Japanese people, and, of course, the sweet finish of a live action remake of a problematic yet beloved cartoon.


Straight up, it's weird that in 2016 we're still pushing this narrative on young women that the type of guy who would literally imprison you for life will somehow turn into a handsome prince if you just stick around long enough and love him enough. Naw. Run Belle, you in danger girl. Follow Amil on Twitter.