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Watch the Premiere of 'Abandoned' on VICELAND

Legendary skateboarder Rick McCrank takes us inside the abandoned spaces that are becoming unique skate spots Friday night on the premiere of his new VICELAND show.

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On Friday night, VICELAND will premiere the first episode of our new show, Abandoned, where pro skateboarder Rick McCrank takes us on a tour through the forgotten modern-day ruins of ghost towns and empty malls around North America.

The show is part in-depth documentary and part travel log, with a healthy dose of skating thrown in as McCrank meets up with locals in various cities to see how these abandoned spaces are becoming unique skate spots for the next generation.

On Friday's series premiere, he ventures into some ghost malls to skate his way through the crumbling remains that once housed Claire's and Sam Goody and Cinnabon shops.

Check out the trailer above, and make sure to catch Abandoned every Friday night at 9 PM only on VICELAND.