The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Bernie Sanders officially announced his new progressive organization, a truck bomb hit a police building in Turkey, some plants in Baltimore are addicted to meth, and more.
August 26, 2016, 1:00pm

Everything you need to know about the world this morning, curated by VICE.

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US News

Sanders Promises to Keep Grassroots Revolution Alive
Bernie Sanders said he would continue pushing his grassroots agenda for "real change" as he launched nonprofit organization Our Revolution. Speaking in Vermont, the former presidential candidate pledged the group would fight to elect progressives to local, state, and federal offices.—VICE News

Brazilian Police Charge Lochte for False Claims
US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has been charged by Brazilian police with making a false statement after he claimed that he was robbed at gunpoint in Rio. The police also recommended that the court issue a summons. Lochte's attorney said the swimmer has yet not heard from any officials in Rio. —USA Today

Brock Turner Judge Steps Down from Criminal Cases
Aaron Persky, the California judge who caused outrage by sentencing rapist Brock Turner to only six months in a county jail, has asked to step aside from criminal cases. He will begin hearing civil cases next month to "reduce the distractions" over the Turner controversy.—The Washington Post

Chicago Bomb Suspect Believes in Lizard People
Adel Daoud, the 21-year-old man charged with plotting to bomb a downtown Chicago building in 2012, has been judged to be incompetent to stand trial because of his strong belief in "lizard people" and his repeated claims that his attorneys are working for the Illuminati. Daoud, an American citizen, will be sent to a psychiatric facility for observation for at least three months. —NBC News

International News

Truck Bomb Hits Police Building in Turkey
At least 11 police officers have been killed and 70 more were wounded in a truck bomb attack in Cizre, a town in southeastern Turkey. The explosion at the entrance to police headquarters was followed by an armed battle between the police and attackers. The Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) claimed responsibility for the attack. —Al Jazeera

Italy Declares Emergency in Quake Zone
Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi has declared a state of emergency in the regions worst hit by Wednesday's earthquake, pledging $56 million for rebuilding efforts. At least 268 people are known to have died and 400 injured. Teams searched the rubble for survivors for a second night, but aftershocks hampered the search. —BBC News

Syrian Army Agrees to Evacuate Town
Hundreds of rebel fighters and thousands of civilians are to be evacuated from the besieged town of Daraya after an agreement was reached with the Syrian army. The evacuation will start on Friday and could last a few days. —Reuters

Bolivia Minister Killed by Striking Miners
The Bolivian government says its deputy interior minister, Rodolfo Illanes, has been killed by striking miners. Illanes and his bodyguard were kidnapped on Thursday while en route to meet with the strikers. The minister was then reportedly beaten to death, while his bodyguard escaped and was treated in a hospital. —The Guardian

Everything Else

Obama Creates World's Largest Marine Reserve
President Obama has used his executive authority to create the world's largest protected marine area off the coast of Hawaii. Obama extended the boundary of Papahānaumokuākea, the remote western portion of the Hawaiian archipelago, to quadruple its size. —National Geographic

Sarah Jessica Parker Severs Ties with EpiPen
The actress has ended ties with Mylan, makers of the EpiPen allergy treatment, after the price of a two-pack was jacked up to $600. "I'm left disappointed, saddened, and deeply concerned by Mylan's actions," said Parker in an Instagram post. —TIME

Baltimore Bugs and Plants Addicted to Meth
A study by Environmental Science and Technology found that methamphetamine levels in the waterways closest to Baltimore were so high that aquatic bugs and plants had essentially become addicted to the drug. —CNN

Apple Issues Upgrade After Spy Tool Discovery
Apple has issued a global upgrade of its iOS operating system after a hacking attempt on the iPhone of an Arab human rights activist led to the discovery of spyware that exposed its security flaws. Citizen Lab and Lookout held back details of the discovery until it could be fixed. — Motherboard

Kanye Given Four Minutes of Freedom at VMAs
Kanye West has been given four minutes onstage to do and say whatever he wants at this year's MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday. The show's producers have no idea what he has planned. —Noisey

Feds Can't Bust Medical-Marijuana Users Following State Law
A federal court in San Francisco ruled that the Department of Justice can't spend money trying to prosecute people who comply with state medical-marijuana laws. The case, USA v. McIntosh, grouped together appeals by ten people.—VICE News