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Naked Stoner Girls Are Giving Away a Year's Worth of Free Weed

Stoned Girls—a fetish site featuring pictures of hot, often naked, ladies getting high—is giving away free weed.

Image via Stoned Girls

How much is a year's worth of weed, exactly? According to Julie Anthone of the North Carolina-based website ​Stoned Girls, it's an eighth of pot every two weeks. That's enough to keep most daily smokers high as fuck until the end of 2015, and that's exactly how much kush Anthone's website is going to rain down on one of its loyal readers.

The free weed contest was created to celebrate the September launch of Stoned Girls. The 13 women who run the site (yes, it's an all-woman business) decided that, should the winner reside in one of the four states where recreational weed smoking is legal, a Stoned Girls representative will fly out to personally deliver the goods. For those of you who don't live in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, or Alaska—sorry, but you'll have to settle for a cash prize and buy your own bud.


Stoned Girls is part of the emerging market of fetish sites devoted to pictures of hot, often naked, ladies hitting the bong. As marijuana legalization ripples across the states, both the ability to shoot such material legally and the pubic fascination with sexy potheads are on the rise. While a fetish related to smoking ( ​capnolagnia) has likely existed for as long as tobacco has been inhaled, the weed fetish market is just finding its footing.

" I think that there are a lot of reasons why people get off on images of girls smoking pot," Stoned Girls staff writer Rebecca Hourselt told VICE. "The 'bad girl' image appeals to a lot of men."

Ironically, the market for sexy "bad girls" smoking weed on camera only grows as weed becomes a more acceptable, less "bad" thing of which to partake. Sites like Girls​ Toking and Tits and ​Hits, and books like Richard Kern's ​Contact High cater to weed fetishists—but one thing that sets Stoned Girls apart is Hourselt's self-exploratory writing​s on sex, weed, and the fetish lifestyle.

"I paid many tens of thousands of dollars to go to a major university to learn how to write, but I also spent a significant amount of time in women's studies classes," wrote Hourselt in a Stoned Girls  ​post titled "Is What We Do Objectifying Women?"

"What can I say, I love vaginas," Hourselt wrote.

Since launching two months ago, traffic on Stoned Girls has grown to 175,000 visitors a month, according to the site's media kit, with tens of thousands of followers on  ​Facebook and ​Instagram.


The weed smoking fetish porn market is emerging. But it has a direct relative in cigarette fetish porn, where sites range from the personal ( Smo​ to the Smoking Ladies Lung Damage message​ board, where "ladies who love making their lungs as black as possible" can chat and maybe meet up with "men with a fetish for damaged lungs."

But weed fetish sites don't set out to fetishize lung cancer. Instead they play on varieties of bad girl appeal and on that most basic of male turn-ons: the phallic symbol. When sexy girls put oversized joints between their lips and fiercely suck the smoke into their mouths, guys naturally think of blowjobs. That is, when those guys aren't already watching a video of a girl giving a blowjob with a mouthful of pot smoke—because that's also a thing.

Blowjob symbology aside, Hourselt says that in the fetish world, bad girls are queens.

"I have met several women who are the dominants in their BDSM relationships, and I think there is something about a powerful bad girl that really gets men off," Hourselt told VICE. "The other side of the 'bad girl' image is the thought that this girl is doing something illegal and 'naughty' and needs to be punished."

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