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Sex Church

Members of the Little Pebble Dohsyuku-kai gather in a cluttered space each morning and await secret messages from the Virgin Mary. Afterward, Jean-Marie lubes up a woman’s belly and pussy with yogurt and has sex with her at an altar as the other...

In the small village of Shimitsukoya in northern Japan, five members of Little Pebble Dohsyuku-kai live huddled together inside a two-story house. As part of a tradition lifted from the Roman Catholic model, members of this devout commune, headed by Father Jean-Marie Thornbush Little John, gather in a cluttered space each morning and await secret messages from the Virgin Mary. Afterward, Jean-Marie lubes up a woman’s belly and pussy with yogurt and has sex with her at an altar as the other members look on patiently. One cold weekend recently they let us come watch.

Jean-Marie’s ideology originated in Australia with a man named William “The Little Pebble” Kamm, a cultish, quasi-Catholic huckster convicted of sexual assault on a teenage girl in 2005. Kamm had a few people convinced that he was to lead the Roman Catholic Church in the wake of the looming apocalypse, and as his parish grew, Jean-Marie went to study under him. Eventually Jean-Marie was booted from the group, Kamm was imprisoned, and Jean-Marie founded the Little Pebble Dohsyuku-kai (roughly, “commune”) here in Akita Prefecture. He has since morphed Catholicism into something all his own. During our visit, for example, Jean-Marie wed two gay men, Longin-Marie Katsuyoshi Baba and Francois-Marie Koichi Maruyama, in a Catholic ceremony that was a romantic fuck-you pointed at the Vatican. The raunch began shortly afterward, in a ritual dubbed “correct sex,” with Jean-Marie and a girl named Clara-Josefa-Menendez Yumi Abe washing up in a bathtub and then praying at the altar, butt naked. When prayers were finished, the two plopped themselves down on a futon mattress in front of the altar and Jean-Marie began sucking on Clara’s tits for several minutes. Then they started 69-ing. When that was done, Jean-Marie pulled Clara between his legs, spooned some yogurt on her shaved pubis, and began massaging it in with his cock. He was teasing her—or us. Jean-Marie danced in a strange rhythm with his hips, and Clara—who Little Pebble members believe has been pregnant with twins for more than three years—had a blank look on her face. Devotees claim there’s no penetration involved, but what followed looked like penetration to us. The ritual ended after 15 minutes with nary an orgasm. Father Jean-Marie quietly tidied himself, put on a white robe, and sat us down to explain what exactly is happening here. Father Jean-Marie and Clara in their ceremonial robes. VICE: Hello. Where did you study theology?
Father Jean-Marie Thornbush Little John, a.k.a. Hiroshi Sugiura: I entered the Society of the Atonement after graduating from high school. However, I was urged to leave after a year. After that, I became a seminary student at Nanzan University’s Department of Christian Studies in Nagoya City and entered the university-run missionary association, the Society of the Divine Word. Again I was asked to leave after a year. So I took a year off and reentered, but this time as a theologian of the Nagoya parish. Despite this, I was repeatedly thrown out of various societies. Why?
Most of the time it was because I loved Mama Virgin Mary too much. They said that I was too biased. You loved her too much?
Yes, like a newborn loves its mother. I was born with a soul that can only love like a baby, so it was natural for me to be completely infatuated with her. However, the church considered my way of loving crazy. Is this why you established the Little Pebble Dohsyuku-kai?
When people initially gathered here seeking my sermons, not a single one of them was fundamentally good enough to take the monastic vows. I realized that rather than building a monastery, it would be better to create something much more basic for these people. It is upon this realization that I received inspiration from heaven, and the Dohsyuku-kai is what I eventually built. When and why did you move all the way up here to Akita Prefecture to start this commune?
I moved here on September 29, 2005. I personally had no desire to build all of this, nor did I plan it. I was simply told by God to found the group according to the principles He bestowed on me. What are these principles?
I preach the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, wholly embracing all of its beliefs and morals. Obviously this means that we are to reject all other religions except our own. One of our fundamental principles is to proudly wear this white Little Pebble dress to show the world that we are in full support of Mr. Little Pebble. We’ll get to Mr. Little Pebble in a minute, if that’s OK. Can I first ask you how large your community is Japan?
There are two branches: the Little Pebble Dohsyuku-kai Shimitsukoya Community here in Akita Prefecture, and the Our Lady of Akita and Amakusa and All Martyrs of Japan Community in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. There are seven followers here at the Shimitsukoya community, including the twins that Clara is carrying, as well as two in Nagoya City, and one in Yokohama. One of our members is a mother of three in Nagoya, who is carrying an ovum baby in her womb, just like Clara.

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