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Who Actually Listens To... One Direction?

And which direction is it that One Direction are going?
October 4, 2012, 5:15pm

Josh with a One Direction fan demonstrating her love for the band through the medium of Kung Pao chicken.

Last week, our resident musicologist, Josh Haddow, uncovered a truth that's secretly been plaguing Ed Sheeran fans ever since the ginger troubadour sprung out of his warren and started inflicting his acoustic guitar music on us over two years ago: his fans are sad, lonely and only have two friends in real life.


This week, Josh turned his analytical eye towards the fans of X Factor runners-up and Simon Cowell's brand new greased-up cash cow, the boyband One Direction. Science and facts recently proved that de facto frontman and middle-aged-lady-botherer Harry Styles is currently just as famous as Jesus Christ, the son of God. That's done – it's a solid, indisputable fact – but one thing still bothering us is, in which direction is it that One Direction are going? Josh hung around outside one of their gigs to try and get to the bottom of it.


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