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How Should Rapists Be Punished?

Because everyone wants to talk about it so much right now.

Question of the Day: Cutting the balls off nasty little fuckers.

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This week, for the first time ever, rape has been the word on everybody’s lips, and obviously not for the right reasons. Two goons on both sides of the Atlantic have put their two pence worth in on this dark and contentious subject. MP and former Celeb’ BB housecat "Gorgeous" George Galloway decided to teach us all a thing or two about rape (because he is quite the authority, apparently), jumping to the defence of political asylum seeker and alleged sex-attacker Julian Assange with “not everybody needs to be asked prior to each insertion." Really? You really think that, George?!


On the other side of the pond, uber right0wing American congressman Todd Akin was a massive bell end when he uttered his misguided comments about women being able to somehow stop pregnancy during forced sex and "legitimate rape". Sooo not legit Todd.

This is an ethical and political hot potato, but for the record, VICE thinks of rape as wrong whatever the circumstances. Rape is rape. This leaves only the question: how should we punish the bastards?

VICE: How do you think rapists should be punished?
Tommy, 47: Maximum! Death. I like the passion.
We can’t be doing things like that. Exactly.
Listen, if someone did that to my kids, I would rip them apart. With your bare hands?
You couldn’t stop me. So do you think an appropriate punishment would be to leave it in the hands of the victim’s parents?
Seriously, I think that’s a cracking idea. People don’t like it when you fuck with their kids. Or, OK let's not… Preeya, 21: Whipping. It’s disgusting, rapists are disgusting. If it ever happened to you would you want revenge?
Hell yeah. It’s just gross. Do you think the current judicial system is too lenient on sex offenders?
Yes, and it’s kind of like the victims get blamed for wearing a short skirt or being drunk. I’m often drunk in a short skirt.
Me too, but it doesn’t mean "rape me".

Leslie, 18 (left) and Toochi, 18. How do you think rapists should be punished?
Leslie: Let me tell you from a girl’s point of view, I think they would say life.
Toochi: Yeah, I’d agree. Would you ever do it?
Leslie: No. No.
Toochi: To be honest, girls are bad these days. They can like, tease a guy… I wouldn’t actually say life. I’d say, like 20 years. Oh, you’ve gone more lenient. I'm not sure about "teasing" being a mitigating factor, though. What constitutes teasing?
Toochi: Dressing all slutty, that kind of stuff.
Leslie: That’s fucked up. I got four sisters, so I want to protect them. Lock the rapists up. What would you do to someone if they hurt your sisters?
Can I cuss? Yeah.
I’mma kill that nigga! I would fuck him up. I would fuck. Him. Up. That’s good cussing.

Sabine, 21: Castration. That’s a popular one.
For the record, I don’t believe in capital punishment or anything like that. It’s a complex issue, rape, and you don’t necessarily know the background of the racist, not that I would empathise. It’s wrong according to our current morality now, but that doesn’t necessarily make it right or wrong. When could it ever, ever be right?
Well, never, but I guess some people think it's OK. Hi John, I like your hat, what do you think the punishment should be for rapists?
John, 56: Hmmmm. That is a good one. I do not know. Do you know what it currently is?
No. It’s not a big enough punishment. If you could choose, what do you think the punishment should be?
Well, you’ve got to look at the big picture. Some girls are asking for it when they wear certain things. Wow. I completely and utterly disagree with you, but go on.
It’s just I know of people who’ve been fingered and it wasn’t rape. I think a finger is still rape.
Do you sing, love? Er, maybe. Why?
Do you want to join my choir? No. Definitely no. Ronnie, 42: How do you think they should be punished, love? No one has asked me that yet Ronnie. There a lot of selfish people out on the streets of London today.
There’s some sick individuals out there. It is sick, yeah.
I’d put them in those things they used in the old days. Them wooden things? Stocks?
Yeah, that’s it. Put them in there in the middle of a park and people could pelt them with shit. I think it would ruin a day at the park if you knew there was a rapist there.
It wouldn’t if you could go kick the shit out of them. Previously - What Will Toilets in the Future Look Like?