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America's White Nationalist Party Is Crazy About Donald Trump

The chairman of the American Freedom Party says his members are ready to "energize the masses" for Trump's campaign.
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Donald Trump may not be popular with Mexicans, Muslims, or the government of Scotland, but one group he can count on for support is the American Freedom Party—a political group devoted to white supremacy. In an interview with Venezuela's teleSUR this week, the party's chairman William Daniel Johnson called Donald Trump "the real deal," adding that his campaign is "a unique phenomenon in modern politics.


"It is a throwback to a previous era," Johnson told the Latin American news network. "Virtually all pro-white nationalists are at least somewhat supportive of Donald Trump and most are even enthusiastic."

Trump, for his part, doesn't identify white supremacist. But his political ideas align pretty neatly with the American Freedom Party's platform, which includes "defending our borders, preserving our language, and promoting our culture"—meaning the borders, language, and culture of white Americans.

Johnson said that he views Trump's ascent as a triumph for the American Freedom Party. Noting a "tremendous uptick in support" for his own party through The Donald's ongoing campaign, he vowed that AFP supporters would help Trump's campaign by "energiz[ing] the masses."

"It takes someone with the intestinal fortitude of Donald Trump to lead the way," Johnson said, adding ominously: "Look for white nationalism to gain widespread acceptance and even a degree of admiration in the coming decade."

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